mounted speaker

mounted speaker

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • surface-mounted speaker — A speaker mounted on top of the bearing surface. Opposite to a flush mounted speaker …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • flush mounted speaker — A radio or stereo speaker mounted in a cutout in the interior trim so that it does not project out. The opposite of surmounted speakers …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • speaker — A sound device which contains a magnet and a relatively large vibrating diaphragm which translates electrical impulses into sound vibrations. See door speaker flush mounted speaker surface mounted speaker …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Speaker grille — A speaker grille (or speaker grill) is usually found in front of many consumer and industrial loudspeakers, and consists of either a hard or soft / mounted directly over the face of the speaker driver. Its main purpose is to protect the driver… …   Wikipedia

  • Dipole speaker — Dipole speakers and their radiation pattern. RCA Dimensia …   Wikipedia

  • coaxial speaker — noun : a loudspeaker in which the high frequency reproducer is mounted at the center of and on the same axis as the low frequency reproducer (as a high frequency horn mounted in a paper cone speaker) …   Useful english dictionary

  • door speaker — Radio/stereo speakers mounted in the door panel …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Siren (noisemaker) — A siren is a loud noise maker. The original version would yield sounds under water [Adolphe Ganot (translator: Edmund Atkinson), Elementary Treatise on Physics: Experimental and Applied , 8th ed. (N.Y., N.Y.: Wm. Wood and Co., 1877), pages 188… …   Wikipedia

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